Hello, I’m Alyce.

Registered Nurse, Spirit Weaver & Ritual Craftswoman.

In addition to 1:1 Spirit Weaving Sessions I also craft Herbal Magickal Medicines & Sacred Ritual Tools.

Herbal Magickal Medicines & Sacred Ritual Tools

Hand-made, organic & therapeutic herbal infused body oils, tallow salves, planetary essences and more.

1:1 Spirit Weaving Sessions

These unique and individually woven sessions incorporate a range of clearing and healing techniques to assist you in establishing a deeper connection to your Self, Soul and Ancestral Lineages under direct guidance and support from the Spirit World.

Allow yourself to be lovingly held in a deeply healing ceremonial space where the body can rest and the soul can receive.

By gently opening to spiritual nourishment we create space to live a more fulfilling life, aligned with our Soul, the Earth, Sun and Great Spirit.

Life has no shortage of challenges which can directly impact our energetic systems. When left unresolved as an energetic imbalance, this can flow into our physical, mental and emotional selves creating disharmony and misalignment.

Spirit Weaving supports the unravelling of toxic energies, imprints and patterns which when re-woven allow us to open to the abundant energy of creation to fulfill our dreams, enhance the quality of our lives and improve our relationship to self, life and all beings.

These sessions are designed to better equip you with energetic and spiritual support for mental and emotional clarity, grounding, peace, alignment, connection, protection and balance on your journey forward.

It is an honour to offer such potent healing work and I look forward to guiding and supporting you on your personal journey of spiritual growth.

How can a Spirit Weaving Session help me?

Sessions can assist in alleviating the weight of toxic energetic burdens from:

  • Stored emotional pain from inner child, familial, ancestral, collective and past / parallel life experiences

  • Unprocessed shock and trauma

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Surgical interventions (which open the energy body to psychic pathogens)

  • Plant medicine ceremonies that leave you feeling not quite right

  • Geopathic stress and metaphysical environmental toxins

  • Unresolved relationships where unconscious energetic connections persist after physical separation

  • Nightmares and poor sleep resulting from the influence of dark energies

  • Harmful psychic influence and interference from dark entities + psychic attack

  • Spirits who may be trapped in your energetic field and require crossing over

  • Psychic weapons and energetic wounding from past or present lives

  • Curses, hexes and spells

  • Energetic / etheric infestations such as psychic parasites

  • And so much more

What are the benefits?

All sessions are unique and specific to the individual, however some of the general benefits can include:

  • Feeling more grounded and embodied

  • Enhanced mental, emotional and psychic clarity

  • Ability to make clearer soul aligned choices

  • Dreaming with sharper clarity and improved sleep

  • Expanded connection to Self and the Earth

  • Improved ability to identify when you are being influenced by unhelpful energies, spirits and entities

  • Restoration of calmness to the nervous system

  • Reconnection to your innate creative power

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Greater alignment with your Soul’s work

  • Upgraded awareness of energetic boundaries

  • Balanced and coherent Chakras + energetic Cauldrons

  • Establishing energetic + psychic protection, especially for sensitive Souls

  • Realigning Ancestral lineages with healing, magick, power, blessings and more

What type of sessions do you offer?

The following sessions are offered remotely, worldwide.

  • Spirit Weaving - A 90-minute individually tailored session focused on clearing and harmonising toxic energetic influences. Themes can include entity removal, soul retrieval, realignment of the energy centers, emotional rebalancing, Soul Constellations®, plant spirit and elemental weaving, crossing over passed loved ones, ancestral healing, integrating the inner child, grounding into earth and more.

  • Empress & The Dragon ® Womb Weaving - a 90-minute personalised ceremony available to women and men. These sessions work powerfully to re-weave, cleanse and heal the core energetic cauldrons (womb, heart & pineal). Themes may include releasing past lovers, sexual healing, awakening authentic expression and creativity, spirit babies, relationship repatterning, ancestral healing and more.

    Please contact Alyce prior to booking a Womb Weaving session as this may not be suitable for a first-time appointment.

All sessions work within a powerful multidimensional space, incorporating Shamanic Energy Training ® Spirit Weaving Protocols which are part of a 3+ year Shamanic Magician Programme.

As part of my ongoing training, growth and evolution, I continue to receive regular mentoring, personal therapy and supervision with a selection of senior practitioners who specialise in this field.

1:1 Clearing & Healing Sessions

Spirit Weaving & Womb Weaving

Plant Potions & Sacred Tools

Indulge yourself in my range of potent Herbal Body Oils, Herbal Magickal Suppositories, Planetary Potions, Ritual Tools and more.

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About Alyce

I walk this path with 1 foot in each world, as a Registered Nurse with 10+ years experience and a multi-faceted Spirit Weaver and Ritual Craftswoman. My experience in spirit work includes 5+ years of rigorous training with the Shamanic Energy Training ® Dragon Mystery School (The White Dragon Lineage) in various modalities and energetic healing techniques in addition to multiple immersions with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Prior to this I built my foundations as a Blissology ® Yoga Instructor and Meditation Teacher with 4 years training and experience with the Wat Phra Dhammakaya Foundation.

The combination of my skills and training with these specialised techniques enables me to work in direct communion with Spirit to weave a transformative outcome for your session.

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